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Nam Products

In the beginning of this Nam Products, the team started by asking our self what each of us wanted from a rod. Being a large group involved one would imagine that we would disagree a lot about how a rod should be and what a good rod really is. To their surprise the guy crawling around in the bushes aiming for trout in the smallest of creeks, explained the same general feeling of a perfect rod as the guy that loves to do the absolute longest possible cast in the largest of rivers with the biggest possible rod. To have a rod that loads down to the handle but still with as fast recovery as possible - Simple as that!

Nam Products don't have a fly rod factory, so they obviously needed to reach out to one. For the larger double hand rods their favorite rods in the past has been built in Korea. With this in mind it was very natural to contact one of these factories. Throughout the years there have been so many successful cooperation with the Korean engineers and the Scandinavian rod designers. The match between Scandinavia and South Korea is simply perfect.

Nam Products' product assortment will widen with time. Like rods, new additions will be tested hard in real fishing situations before release to markets. 

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