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Have you considered a faithful and long lasting relationship? You will find such a companion form the CF Burkheimer fly rods.

CF Burkheimer Rod Order January 2018

CF Burkheimer is a small fly rod making company based in the Washington State USA. Company’s founder Kerry Burkheimer is a well known and very respected rod designer and maker. He has vast experience in rod making and fly fishing. Kerry has fished and guided the West coast waters all his life and has transferred all his knowledge to the rods he make. His philosophy is to design high performance specialized tools. Every rod will undergo very strict testing and will need to pass every task set for them. In Kerry’s designs not just one characteristics makes a great rod but performing in all of the set tasks makes them excellent. CF Burkheimer rods ooze the feeling that they were made to be fished. No wonder why they have become the favourites among many hardcore fishermen who spend a lot of time on the water.

When you order a CF Burkheimer rod it will be made specifically for you! You can choose the finish of the rod from three options, Classic, Presentation or Vintage. You’ll find the available models, series and more information of the three finishes in our CF Burkheimer section. If you have any questions regarding CF Burkheimer rods please do not hesitate to contact us via email shop(at)

CF Burkheimer operates in a last in last out system thus we can not give a specific delivery time. However typical delivery time has been from 75 to 120 days from the order.

Orders in on the Monday January 22nd 2018 at latest please.

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Helsinki Spey Clave Staff