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Finnish English

The original Banana Fly tying video by originator Mikael Andersson!

Check out Mikael Andersson tying his famous Banana Tube Fly. Materials are listed under video.

Thread: Frödin Flies SSS Tying Thread - 12/0 Olive

Inner tubing: FITS Tube - Glow Small or X-Small

Weight tube: H.S.C. Brass Tube or H.S.C. Copper Tube

Back of the body: Veevus Mini Flatbraid or Salar Synthetic Series - Braid / Kultainen

Front of the body: Salar Synthetic Series - Dubbing - Alta Gold or Hot Magma Yellow sekoitettuna

Under wing: H.S.C. Polar Bear - Extra Select - Banana Yellow #S/M 

1st hackle: Metz Hen Saddle #1 - Banana Yellow or H.S.C. Soft Hackle Half Patch - Banana Yellow

Mid wing: H.S.C. Tempel Hair #M- Fl. Banana or H.S.C. Silver Fox - Banana Yellow

2nd hackle: H.S.C. Pheasant Spey Hackle Patch #1 - Fl. Banana Olive

Flash: H20 Gliss 'n Glow - Gold & Bronze

Main Wing: H.S.C. Tempel Hair #L - Fl. Banana with Black Tips or H.S.C. Silver Fox - Banana Yellow

Eyes: Legal jungle cock or Sybai Jungle Cock Substitute