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Martin Honkanen

Experienced salmon and sea trout angler Martin Honkanen joined the Helsinki Spey Claven staff in early 2015. Martin is always ready to help you with any questions. Martin has fly fished for a long time and his passion is anadromous fish like salmon, sea trout and steelhead. He also brings a lot of experience for pike and sea trout inshore fishing. Martin's passion for salmon and sea trout fly fishing has taken him around the world from all over the Nordic countries, the British Islands, Russia and Patagonia. He also fishes for steelhead and knows the Olympic Peninsula and British Columbia fishing.

Martin also works occasionally as a guide for Fishmaster, so the expertise of the gear and the fishing is guaranteed.

Juuso Kolehmainen

Juuso is newest guy working for us - Don't worry, he knows what he is doing! Juuso has worked in fly shops since teenager and he is crazy talented fisherman and fly caster. Juuso can arrange casting courses if needed, just ask him. 

Timo Kontio

Timo is as well a world class fly tyer and long time Spey Claver. At the moment Timo’s studies are taking most of his time but you’ll see him helping us here and there. Timo’s superb fly tying can be followed at his Fly Tying Archive web page!