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Guideline Triple D - F/I/S2

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Guideline Triple D

Guideline Triple D

  • Guideline Triple D
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The unique features of our lines can be summed up like this; the advanced Step Taper profile and the truly magnificent weight distribution in the head, creating energy transfer second to none. We know you will never have experienced anything like that before. We continuously develop and design flylines for modern flyfishing and as usual, we introduce some exciting news. We think that you will find what you are looking for on the following pages, no matter where, when or how you fish.

The improved tapers make these lines extremely easy to handle both when overhead or spey casting. Weight distribution has been moved backwards creating a smooth, controlled turnover with both mono and poly leaders and a variety of fly sizes. The concentration of weight in the back make the lines extremely easy to cast, with the rod loading instantly even with little line behind the rod in the D-loop. Because of this new type of taper, TRIPLE-D lines can be cut 1-2 grams lighter in weight than our classic POWER TAPER heads while still maintaining the same rod load and power in the cast. The longer, thinner tips will cut through both wind and water layers with ease, resulting in long casts and accurate depth control during fishing.

  • Improved balance of the energy transfer in the loop.
  • Longer, lighter tips create longer and more controlled casts.
  • Improved rod load through further improvement of the world-leading POWER TAPER profile.
  • Significantly improved and more balanced turnover with both mono and poly leaders.
  • TRIPLE-D lines feature more buoyant back ends for easier lift-off from the water.
  • The TRIPLE-D concept improves control of depth and speed during fishing.
  • Lines are marked with density and line weight.
  • Factory-looped front ends for easy attachment of leaders.

Floating/Inter/Sink 2

The Float/Intermediate/Sink2 line covers a very important level of water, just a little deeper than the Float/Hover/Intermediate line and this one still offers the option to work the floating back part of the line nicely, to control fly angle and speed through the water. A very popular line during the 2011 season.

  • Sink Rate 13 sec./meter

  • Before choosing line class, we recommend to take a look at Guideline’s shooting head customizing chart. CLICK HERE for the chart!
  • If you desire shorter approx. 11,5-12 meter shooting head, choose one line class up than your rod and cut it down to suitable weight. If you desire longer approx. 13 meter shooting head, choose same line class as your rod and fine tune it from the back end.

Guideline Shooting Head