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Vac-Rac Pro-Locking Rack

119,00 €
Vac-Rac Pro-Locking Rack

Vac-Rac Pro-Locking Rack

  • Vac-Rac Pro-Locking Rack
  • Vac Rac - Pro Locking Rack - Fixed
  • Vac-Rac Pro Locking detail
  • Vac-Rac Pro Locking Rack
  • Vac-Rac models
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Professional Locking Rack – Non Magnetic

  • Holds up to 8 rods
  • Fits all vehicles- Aluminium, Steel, Plastic
  • Rounded “T” bar and shock cords allow rods to be mounted at any angle, not just in line with the base
  • Attaches instantly
  • Soft suction bases
  • Soft padding for rods
  • All racks are fully vacuum tested before despatch
  • Pillar mounted support for reel clearance
  • Rods are secured by fabric covered straps for extra security
  • New purpose moulded ’T’ rack
  • In tests, each rack has lifted in excess of 40kg
  • Bonnet to roof mounting avoids the major cause of snapped rods – lifting hatchbacks and tailgates

’’These quickly detachable rod racks have been designed to overcome all the problems of transporting fishing rods. Because of their super adhesion they cannot be blown off by strong or gusty winds. This allows the front carrier to be raised on a pillar to provide clearance for the reels’’

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