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Brodin Phantom Series Nets

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Brodin Phantom Series

Brodin Phantom Series

  • Brodin Phantom Series
  • Gallatin
  • Gallatin - detail
  • Tailwater
  • Tailwater - detail
  • Cutthroat
  • Frying Pan
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Phantom series is an economical version of regular Brodin ghost net. We use plantation grown and non-native species woods to make this net.

Brodin Ghost- landing net is new innovation for protecting fishes. Ghost net bag is made from pvc and is clear in color. Ghost nets have many advantages against normal net bags, as Ghost net bag is almost translucent and won’t spook the fish when netting. With translucent net bag it is also easy to take photo of fish without lifting it off the water. Flies, even when fished with one or more flies those won’t get stuck in the net and flies are easy to spot against clear net bag.

Model Overall length Measurements of the frame
Cutthroat 61 cm (24”) 41cm (16”) x 30cm (11,75”)
Frying Pan 66 cm (26”) 46cm (18”) x 32,5cm (12,75”)
Gallatin 62 cm (24.5”) 44cm (17.25”) x 22cm (8.75”)
Tailwater 76 cm (30”) 51cm (20”) x 23cm (9”)

Brodin Landing Nets