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My Best Casting Techniques with Jan-Erik Granbo DVD

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This is an instructional DVD on Double-handed fly casting. Firstly, Jan Erik will show you the basic techniques for modern Spey cast and the Snake Roll Technique. You will also be given his best tips with regards to how to load the fly rod so you can cast effectively in all situation.

Jan Erik realised early on that the modern varieties of Spey and Snake Roll techniques combined with shooting heads and fast rod actions would move the boundaries for what challenges were possible to solve in terms of the river bank terrain, weather, and wind.

In this DVD you will join Jan Erik at many different spots on the river where he will display his best casting techniques for solving the most difficult challenges for the fisher. You will get to better know both the Spey cast and the Snake Roll technique, and not least all the combinations of these techniques.
Jan Erik just loves the Snake Roll cast, now you can learn all the Air Snake variants, both in terms of how to perform them and when to use them.

  • DURATION: 52 min + Bonus materials
  • VIDEO: 16:9 PAL
  • AUDIO: Norwegian, Swedish, English

Bonus Tracks

Fly fishing for youngsters
Here you will get good tips when it comes to the choice of fishing equipment for the youngest fly fisher in the family.
Presented by Steffen and Jan Erik Granbo.

  • Guideline – the philosophy
    You will meet Leif Stävmo, the man responsible for product development at Guideline.
    You will also meet Stein Thorvaldsen,Matt Hayes, and Jan Erik Granbo.

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