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CF Burkheimer Two Handed - Presentation

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CF Burkheimer Two Handed - Vintage

CF Burkheimer Two Handed - Vintage

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Temporarily out of stock

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Some anglers come to embrace spey casting for it’s effortless power, some for it’s romance and grace; whatever your draw there’s no denying the amazing utility of these rods in a wide variety of fishing situations.

Steelhead and spey flies on the Thompson? Got it. Madison river browns and big sculpin patterns? Check. Stripers eating clousers in the surf? You bet. These rods aren’t just for atlantic salmon anymore, and our rods will do it all. And they’ll do it well.

CF Burkheimer design rods with wide grain windows, forgiving actions and loads of feel. Feel might seem like that esoteric thing that only guides and casting veterans recognize, but that feel is the true soul of the rod. Rods with feel enhance the casters performance and enjoyment, and those things aren’t relegated just to guides or experts. Talk to us about these rods and you may hear us describe them as having “grunt”, or “whump” or “hooahh”. That’s the Burkie feel, and you’ll feel it too.


The ultimate in quality, nothing is spared in creating Presentation Series rods. Blanks can be ordered in your choice of Deep Cedar Green, Cobalt Blue and Transparent Black.

Components Include

  • Exotic hand finished wood reel seat inserts combined with nickel silver reel seat components
  • Slick ceramic stripping guides that are in-cased in polished chrome frames.
  • Tumble / polished and chrome plated hand made snake guides.
  • Top grade cork handles which can be custom ground to the customers specifications. Trout series rods feature an elegant cork wrap that provides transition from blank to cork grip.
  • Thread wraps coordinate with the color of the blank. Wraps are tipped with a thin band of soft platinum thread for an elegant finished look.
  • All rods include aluminum tube and partitioned cloth sack.

CF Burkheimer Fly Rods