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CF Burkheimer Trout DAL (Deep Action Load) - Presentation

860,00 €
CF Burkheimer Trout Series

CF Burkheimer Trout Series

  • CF Burkheimer Trout Series
  • CF Burkheimer Trout Series
  • CF Burkheimer - Presentation
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Temporarily out of stock

Temporarily out of stock

There’s a host of situations out there, from small spring creeks to big western water, and Burkheimer got the rod for them all.

The Deep Action Load (DAL) series of rods were designed for angler’s who prefers a more relaxed stroke. These rods offer full flexing blanks, firm tips and fast recovery.

You want a light presentation with a #18 PMD? This rod series will do it. How about deep nymphing with a stonefly or ripping a streamer through a logjam? These rods will do that too. DALs are highly versatile with a forgiving flex that still provides strong performance. Designed to fish, not for the parking lot shoot out!


The ultimate in quality, nothing is spared in creating our Presentation Series rods. Blanks can be ordered in your choice of Deep Cedar Green, Cobalt Blue and Transparent Black.

Components Include

  • Exotic hand finished wood reel seat inserts combined with nickel silver reel seat components
  • Slick ceramic stripping guides that are in-cased in polished chrome frames.
  • Tumble / polished and chrome plated hand made snake guides.
  • Top grade cork handles which can be custom ground to the customers specifications. Trout series rods feature an elegant cork wrap that provides transition from blank to cork grip. Western handle on from #2 to #6 and Full Wells on rods from #7 to #8.
  • Thread wraps coordinate with the color of the blank. Wraps are tipped with a thin band of soft platinum thread for an elegant finished look.
  • All rods include aluminum tube and partitioned cloth sack.

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