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Vision Kust

369,00 €
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Vision Kust

Vision Kust

  • Vision Kust
  • Vision Kust Fly Rod
  • Vision Kust Fly Rod
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Temporarily out of stock. Estimated delivery time 3-5 days.

Temporarily out of stock. Estimated delivery time 3-5 days.

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This is a range of rods which are especially targeted for coastal fishing for seatrout, sea bass, mackerel, pollock and other northern saltwater fish. These rods have powerful progressive action with relatively fast recovery speed which makes them real joy to cast long day. As they are made for saltwater they feature hard chrome snake guides, Pacific Bay Titanium frame stripping guides and SW-proof reel seat. The handle is full wells shape and made from high quality marble cork. All models have a fighting butt. These rods are 4 – piece and come with a triangle shaped rod tube & cloth bag.

  • Fast action & four piece rods
  • Dark blue blanks with white markings
  • Full wells handles & SW proof components
Model Recommended head weight Rod weight
9' #6 15 grams 129 grams
9' #7 17 grams 132 grams
9' #8 19 grams 135 grams

Vision Fly Rods