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H.S.C. Tube Fly Tying Tool

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H.S.C. Tube Fly Tying Tool

H.S.C. Tube Fly Tying Tool

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Helsinki Spey Clave Tubefly Tool consists of an adapter and two tapered needles. The function of the tool is based in the adapter which holds the needles and tubes steadily in place. The adapter can be fixed in the jaws of regular fly tying vices. The adapter has been manufactured of steel and brass.

The two tapered needles are made of high quality steel. They will not brake nor bend too much in use. The needles have been designed and optimized especilly modern Scandinavian tube fly tying in mind when one uses two different diameters of tubes in one tube fly. The thinner of the needles is ideal when tying tubes with #XS inner tube and #M outer tube. The thicker suits tubes with #S/#L tubes. The finer point of the needles is longer than in most similar tools. This helps tying by being more flexible to varied styles of tube structures. The needles can also be used without the adaptor. The biggest benefit of the HSC Tubefly Tool is the way it fixes the needle and tubes firmly in place. No more frustrating spinning tubes!

A very high quality product which will last!

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