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Vision Kust 100 - Sink 2

69,00 €
Vision Kust 100 - Sink 2

Vision Kust 100 - Sink 2

  • Vision Kust 100 - Sink 2
  • Vision Kust 100 - Sink 2
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A package full of kust (coast in English) lust. Sea trout fishing on the coastal areas of Scandinavian countries (and beyond) has become extremely popular during the last couple of decades.

For season 2015 Vision introduces another Kust line, which has a sink 2 head and a floating running line. The faster sinking head (color | brown) reaches the correct depth quicker when needed and is also good when you’re fishing from drifting boat. It has also 10 meter /32,9 feet long head for easy casting and it gives nice presentation even in the most challenging conditions. The memory free, slick and supple coating lays straight on the surface and the low stretch core helps you to feel even the most careful takes when the bite slows down. This line also includes the readymade loop.

  • Sink 2 head – Floating Runningline
  • Slick and memory free coating
  • Low Stretch Core
  • Available in line classes #6- #8

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