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Guideline Fario CRS

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Fario CRS 6-piece

Fario CRS 6-piece

  • Fario CRS 6-piece
  • Fario CRS 4-piece
  • Fario CRS Closeup - Reelseat
  • Fario CRS Closeup - Rod Tube
  • Fario CRS Closeup - Guides
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The Fario CRS project started off as a conversation and exchange of ideas on casting and singlehanded trout rod actions in the fall of 2012. Eventually these ideas turned into a quest to create a trout anglers dream rod, inspired by the collective experience of professional casting instructor Christopher Rownes and Guideline’s head of research & development Leif Stävmo. The challenge was to find a way to develop blanks that had the right quality, attitude, curve, recovery speed, low weight and diameters to form a good foundation for the finished rod. After two years in development, we are proud to introduce the result of their hard work.

CRS are high performance, super lightweight and fast-action rods with massive power-reserves in the bottom part of the rod. If you love your casting and enjoy carving tight loops through the air, these rods will appeal to you as much as the reasonable price tag they carry. The Fario CRS Series in this first generation consists of seven incredibly light, crisp-action trout rods. They range from 8’9” to 9’ and are available in both 4- and 6-piece models.

Fario CRS Details

  • Olive Green blank, manufactured from high grade Japanese graphite, reinforced with pure carbon scrim. This combination offers lightweight blanks with faster recovery speeds than rods with more commonly used glass scrims.
  • Highest possible cork quality of the grips, we spared no eff orts and set out to develop and manufacture themon site in Portugal.Custom designed Super Grade Cork Grips, manufactured on site in the factory in Portugal.
  • Exclusive and lightweight reel seats with aluminum metal parts in Titanium finish. Wood spacers made from stunningly beautiful Amboyna wood and complement the rod color and wrappings perfectly. the sliding hood has the Fario Mayfly engraved on the top.
  • For the guide set on these State of he Art rods, lightest and strongest possible was the obvious choice. Both stripper guides and single leg guides are Recoil brand. Guide wrappings are short, made with amber colored, semi transparent thread for a stunning look with a minimum of extra added weight. Thin, clear epoxy coats give the wrappings a strong and good looking finish.
  • CRS rods come in light weight, breathable, synthetic rod bags that offer a better micro-climate and protection for your rods.
  • The triangular polyethylene rod tubes with rip-stop fabric, have low weight, reflective logo prints and solid, light carry handles.

Model LengthAFTMPcsWeight (grams)Rec. Headwt.Length tube
Fario CRS 893-4 8'9"34737-9 gram80cm
Fario CRS 904-49'44749-11 gram80cm
Fario CRS 905-49'547511-13 gram80cm
Fario CRS 906-49'647713-15 gram80cm
Fario CRS 904-69'46759-11 gram57cm
Fario CRS 905-69'567611-13 gram57cm
Fario CRS 906-69'667813-15 gram57cm

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