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Big Daddy Complete Pike Combo

399,00 €
Vision Big Daddy Complete Pike Combo

Vision Big Daddy Complete Pike Combo

  • Vision Big Daddy Complete Pike Combo
  • Vision Big Daddy Pike Combo
  • Vision Big Daddy Pike Combo
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Combo Includes Vision Big Daddy #9 EVA rod, Vision Kalu 78  Reel and Vision Big Daddy Intermediate line + spool of backing, H.S.C. Pike Fly Leader – Heavy Duty and Big Daddy Flexfit cap and Fly Box. Normal RRP for these products are 599,90€.

Big Daddy rods are great choice for casting the big, air resistant flies. Their powerful medium fast action is forgiving and pleasant when casting but they have brutal power for fighting the monster size pike. As a four piece rods they are easy to pack when you’re traveling. These 9 foot rods are not recommended for conservative anglers because of their bold colour. Go and try these black colored EVA handles. You might be surprised. They are extremely comfortable when the weather turns nasty.

  • 4- piece
  • Available with new EVA grip


Big Daddy is a line which is designed for both big and air resistant flies. It has a short, 8,5meter head with very aggressive front taper giving you really good turnover of bulky flies. The low stretch core, combined with super slick grooved coating with built-in Teflon, transfers the casting energy in the best possible way and gives a clear advantage hooking hard headed fish firmly even at long distances. The short and heavy head is easy to handle and shoot but at the same time the thicker running line gives you an opportunity to aerialize longer line without collapsing your cast.

  • Intermediate


Reel siblings Valu and Kalu are real value for money. Their outlook is from our famous GT reel, just fattened up. They are machined die-cast reels which have eaten a sealed, smooth, drag system consisting of stainless steel and carbon discs. The one turn drag adjustment knob is fully machined on Kalu and it has clear laser markings for drag power. It can take more than enough backing with a suitable fly line. The biggest model can eat easily #10 Big Daddy fly line and 50 meters of 30lb backing, which makes it a proper tool for big pike hunters.

  • Kalu #7-8
  • WF7 +150m Bäkkäri 20lb / WF10 + 50m Bäkkäri 30lb
  • Weight 177g


Combo includes also H.S.C. Pike Fly Leader – Heavy Duty & Vision Big Daddy Flexfit Cap & Flybox.

H.S.C. Pike Fly Leader – Heavy Duty is a specialized leader for hardcore pike fly fishing. It is hand tyed of premium quality materials with a vast amount of fishing experience. The leader is designed to work especially well with the Big daddy line.