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Vision XLB

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Vision XLB Reel

Vision XLB Reel

  • Vision XLB Reel
  • Vision XLB Reel
  • Vision XLB Reel
  • Vision XLB
  • Vision XLB
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XLB: The Brute is Back

When Vision dropped the original XLB from their repertoire after year 2011, they got some angry calls and emails from customers all over the world. They came both from avid salmon anglers and from saltwater fanatics. They just couldn’t believe what Vision had done. All the remaining reels were acquired very quickly from our retailers and some even tried to find second-hand XLB reels to make sure that they have some spare reels for years to come. Vision told everybody that they are introducing some really cool reels, which could be used basically as replacements for the XLB. Well, looking back, Vision admit that they might have exaggerated a bit. There have been and still are some really good reels suitable for fighting some serious battles, but none of those reels is quite like the XLB. It is such a great feeling to know that you have a reel which will deliver every time in some of the most hostile environments known to fly fishermen.

XLB’s formidable brake package is well enclosed and the heart is a solid carbon, stainless steel and Teflon disc trio. It operates smoothly even in those scary occasions when a fish pulls your rod down to a horizontal level and your backing is leaving in an ever increasing speed towards the horizon and the only thing that you can do is tighten your brake click by click and hope that it will stop before something bad happens. The line capacity of these reels will definitely give you some extra time before it happens. When loaded with thin diameter Dacspun or Gelspun backing, you have a reel to fight a large Pacific sailfish or a colossal jungle tarpon.

These reels balance nicely any proper size double hander, but they are just as well at home when attached to one of those ten or twelve+ weight single hand rods needed to fight any saltwater leviathans. Needless to say the capacity should be sufficient for every salmon angler even when using the longest Spey lines available.

  • The brake is based on Vision's initial train stopping XLB
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Full rim
  • Mid-arbor spool
  • An unique outlook

Line classDiameterVolumeWeightCapacity
XLB 3 (#9-10)100mm153cm³291gWF10F + 200m 36lb Dacspun
XLB 4.5 (#11-)118mm257cm³358gWF12F + 300m 36lb Dacspun

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