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Guideline TSL Evolve Running Line

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Guideline TSL Evolve Running Line

Guideline TSL Evolve Running Line

  • Guideline TSL Evolve Running Line
  • Guideline TSL - Juoksusiimat
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In stock

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The next generation Shooting Lines for anglers that like a thin, floating and coated line behind their Shooting Head. The new TSL Evolve features a harder and slicker coating and is built on a braided monocore that makes the line stiffer, with less stretch and with significantly better tracking performance, reducing tangles noticeably. 

These lines still feature the tapered front ends that offer extra durability and also help to make the overhang between rod tip and head more rigid, resulting in even better line control. Looped in the front end.

  • Floating coated shooting line.
  • Solid, low stretch monofilament and added stiffness for better tracking and handling.
  • Tapered line with thicker impact zone near rod tip for better durability and smother transition to shooting head.
  • Total length 30 meters for .028’’ and .031’’ and 35 metres for .034’’
  • Loop in the tip.
  • Made in the USA.

Model Lenght Strenght DIAMETER Color
0.028" 30 m 11,3kg / 25lbs.  0,71 mm Sky Blue
0.031" 30 m 15,8kg / 35lbs.  0,79 mm Hot Red
0.034" 35 m 15,8kg / 35lbs.  0,86 mm Yellow

Guideline Running Line