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Guideline Power Taper DD - S4/S5

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The original and standard setting Double Density, Sinking Shooting Heads for the Scandinavian style of casting and fishing. You asked for it to be brought back, we listened. Here they are again, the original lines that started the revolution of Double Density compensated lines back in 2003, the Power Taper Original DD Sinking Heads. On stretch cores.

Manufactured to the old specs with 40 lbs. stretch cores, but with new, slightly improved tapers and more exact compounds in the coating, these lines are casting and fi shing the same way if not better than the old favorites.

These Double Density Heads come in 13,5 m raw lengths, to be cut and looped to suit your own preferences. The tips are pre- looped with a strong, black factory welded loop and have line identifi cation markings on the sleeve. All three densities are available in line weights 9/10, 10/11 and 11/12.


The original Fast Sinker in the traditional DD Line-up. A great line for many standard sink line challenges in deeper slower pools or in strong heavy currents at medium depth. Sinks at a rate of 6,5 seconds per meter.

Line Class Weight Length
PT Original #9/10 39 grams 13,5 meters
PT Original #10/11 44 grams 13,5 meters
PT Original #11/12 48 grams 13,5 meters

If you desire us to customize your shooting head, please write down the desired length/weight in comment box while submitting order.

  • Before choosing line class, we recommend to take a look at Guideline’s shooting head customizing chart. CLICK HERE for the chart!
  • If you desire shorter approx. 11,5-12 meter shooting head, choose one line class up than your rod and cut it down to suitable weight. If you desire longer approx. 13 meter shooting head, choose same line class as your rod and fine tune it from the back end.

Guideline Shooting Head