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Lasting HD Merino Trekking Sock

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Lasting WSM 900 Merino Trekking Sock

Lasting WSM 900 Merino Trekking Sock

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WSM is a thick, high trekking winter sock made of double-layer plush containing merino wool, which is a unique natural material, thus providing excellent thermal insulation and moisture removing properties.  A simple instep bond improves foot ventilation and overall heat balance. foot and shin portion are reinforced with three-layer plush knit. 

  • 85% MERINO
  • 10% SILTEX
  • 5% LYCRA

WOOLSENS – 100% the Superfine Merino Wool 16 mc

The super fine merino wool called Woolsens comes from specially bred sheep living in Australia. Owing to the fiber diameter of 16 micrometers (microns, µm), this merino wool has considerably better isolating feature and permeability than the common wool. It is also finer and softer to touch. Owing to a unique natural consistence of the wool fiber the Woolsens underwear doesn’t support the bacterial growth and thus it doesn’t smell bad even when worn for a longer time. The specially processed Woolsens underwear does allow machine drying.

Main reasons for choosing the WOOLSENS underwear:

  • 100% natural material
  • High-grade permeability
  • Maximum comfort owing to excellent moisture elimination.
  • The fine Merino wool causes no scratching and itching.
  • An excellent thermo isolation owing to many tiny air bags between the fibers.
  • Flat seams for a comfortable feeling.
  • The natural wool fiber is more fire resistant than synthetics.
  • Perfectly processed knitted fabric and high elasticity for an ideal mobility.
  • Wool protects from UV radiation - which many synthetic fibers can not do.

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