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Lasting Coolmax Trekking Sock w. Silver

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Lasting Coolmax Trekking Sock w. Silver

Lasting Coolmax Trekking Sock w. Silver

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XOL is an antibacterial thin sock made of a special four-channel, water-repellent COOLMAX fibre - a polyester material, thanks to which moisture is quickly removed from the skin, thus increasing physical performance and comfort during sport activities or walking. 

  • 70% COOLMAX - polyester
  • 10% X-STATIC - silver fiber
  • 7% LYCRA - elastan

COOLMAX® - 100% shaped polyester

Special four-duct polyester fibre is water-repellent, non-absorbing and it will take any moisture from the sock to the upper layer of the material very fast. There, Coolmax® will take the moisture in form of vapour (by evaporation) away very quickly, more quickly than other fabrics, thus regulating the body temperature. The excellent permeability of the fibre will provide for the thermoregulation effect of the LASTING high-performance socks. In result, the performance and comforts of a sportsman are getting improved.

X-STATIC ® - 85% polyamide + 15% silver

A polyamide fibre coated with a layer of pure natural silver. The best anti-microbial protection that will never fade out. X-Static® will continuously emit the silver ions to disintegrate the germs´ molecular structure eliminating by the same hydrogen in DNA. The germ unable to breathe will eventually die. Another unique property of X-Static® fibre is the ability to absorb static and electric discharges. Therefore, it is antistatic. There are more than 7 000 nerve ends on the sole, the body uses the nerves to emit electric signals. Since silver is best conductive of all elements, X-Static® will absorb the signals as well. As the electric discharges pass through silver, a magnetic field is formed around the sock and improves the blood circulation.

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