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Top Salmon Flies - Stories and fly patterns from great anglers

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“Top Salmon flies - stories and fly patterns from great anglers" opens up the world of salmon fly fishing with advice and deadly fly patterns from experienced anglers.

What’s the most common question after someone catches a salmon? What fly did you catch it with? The importance of the fly pattern is gospel to salmon fly fishers. Fishing for Atlantic salmon is just not about the fly patterns. It's also about finding the best ways to catch fish.

This book includes contributions from experienced Scandinavian anglers; Miki Äikäs, Peter Ohlsson, Antti Guttorm, Siggi Haugur, Tommi Liimatainen, Anders Neteland, Steffen Juhl and Antti Pirinen. These hard-core anglers have gained dozens of years of experience fishing for salmon in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Iceland, and Scotland. Every one of them has his unique approach to fishing and prefers different patterns and ways to fish than the others. Thousands of salmon have been caught with the patterns presented in this book. Each angler shares his top fly patterns for salmon and tells about their approach to salmon fishing.

If you wish to improve your salmon fishing and learn a few new tricks, this is the book for you.

  • Top Salmon Flies –stories and fly patterns from great anglers
  • Teemu Tolonen
  • Language - English
  • 120 pages
  • Hard cover
  • ISBN 978-952-68792-0-8

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