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Guideline Pike - F/H/I

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Temporarily out of stock. Estimated delivery time 7-10 days.

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Temporarily out of stock. Estimated delivery time 7-10 days.

This line was developed entirely based on the needs and the fishing-principles of Pike Flyfishing. The new type of taper used, will make casting large, bushy flies significantly easier than with standard WF lines. The unique distribution of the weight towards the front, has great impact on turnover and presentation of these difficult flies. A well balanced dimension on the runningline aids turnover even under difficult head wind conditions or when fishing from a boat. The length of the belly is 9,5 meters and the total length of the line is 28 meters.

This line is a standard choice for a majority of the season, when fish hold in water that is 1- 2 meters deep. Based on the very popular taper of the floating line, it has a 7 meter clear blue Hover/Intermediate front, capable of turning over large wind resistant flies while maintaining stability and accuracy in the presentation.

  • Color: Orange/ Clear Blue
  • Powerful WF taper
  • Singlehand
  • Direct Contact core
  • Casts big flies with ease
  • Lineweight #8-10

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