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Hatch Finatic Gen2 - 9plus

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Large Arbour - Black/ Silver

Large Arbour - Black/ Silver

  • Large Arbour - Black/ Silver
  • Hatch Finatic Gen2 - 9plus
  • Hatch Finatic Gen2 - 9plus
  • Hatch Finatic Gen2 - 9plus
  • Hatch Finatic Gen2 - 9plus
  • Hatch Finatic Gen2 - 9plus
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Where the rubber meets the road my friends! If you’ve been dreaming of a reel that has the look, feel and performance of a Ferrari, then look no further. Capable of running 9–12 weight lines, and your choice of mid or large arbor spools, this reel is one versatile hombre. “If you are truly serious about saltwater or spey fishing then this is your next reel.”

  • PROTECTION: Type 2 Anodize
  • LINE WEIGHTS: 9-12
  • DIAMETER: 4.25”
  • WIDTH: 1.375”
  • WEIGHT: 10.3oz


  • Mid Arbour Spool: GelSpun Backing MA Spool: WF9F-360, WF10F-335, WF11F-300, WF12F-265 / 30lb Dacron/MA Spool: WF9F-360, WF10F-335, WF11F-300, WF12F-265
  • Large Arbour Spool: GelSpun Backing LA Spool: WF9F-285, WF10F-240, WF11F-205, WF12F-180 / 30lb Dacron/LA Spool: WF9F-285, WF10F-240, WF11F-205, WF12F-180
    The capacity information above is a minimum baseline standard only. Check the diameter of your backing of choice to estimate actual capacity.

A – MACHINED REEL SEAT The Original. A solid is always stronger than two pieces attached together. Also, by eliminating the screws you’ve eliminated the corrosion points.

B – DIMENSION IN FRAME - NEW! We machined dimension in the frame to increase rigidity, strength and reduce lateral flex. With the reel and spool together you get virtually no lateral flex when you push/ pull the two. This means the reel tracks truer and it eliminates the spool wobbling in high-speed runs. Nine windows in the Gen 2 allows us to eliminate weight without sacrificing strength.

C – FRAME/SPOOL CONNECTION Making a positive frame-to-spool connection is essential. On our reels, we call it the “power flower.” This unique design feature locks both together creating a bomb-proof fit.

D – CRANKS & COUNTERBALANCE - NEW! Unlike many manufacturers whose counterbalance is merely cosmetic, we’ve made the two pieces the same weight to achieve true balance in the spool.  With Gen2 we’ve incorporated an Ultraflon sleeve that covers the aluminum shaft and separates it from the aluminum crank handle, eliminating the chance for galvanic corrosion.

E – DRAG We wanted it sealed—hence the drag cassette. We’ve employed a multi-disc stack in all models that is comprised of Rulon® and precision stamped stainless steel discs. With multi-disc drag , you are applying braking pressure and heat dispersion over several surfaces rather than one-to-one surface braking on most drag systems today. This system virtually eliminates start up inertia and stick slip problems.

F – HOOK GUARD Keep those hooks tucked into the arbor of the reel and out of the way of your hands.

G – FINISH - NEW! We’ve incorporated a mist finish on our entire lineup of reels. Misting creates smoother edges and provides for a more consistent non-reflective finish throughout. Plus it looks really damn cool!

H – SPOOL TENSION NUT Designed to be easily taken on and off, with or without full gloves. The nut is press-fit into the spool so it won’t fall out into the water or your gear bag.

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