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Gulff Nitro UV Resins - 15ml

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Gulff Nitro UV Resins

Gulff Nitro UV Resins

  • Gulff Nitro UV Resins
  • Baitfish Skin
  • Night Skin
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Temporarily out of stock

Temporarily out of stock

Design, create and pimp fantastic flies by using wide range of GULFF UV resin products. All the products are high quality and tack free quaranteed. We have designed out resins and UV flashlights especially for fly tying by following strickly UV resin professionals’ demands. Gulff is, for instance, an only manufacturer offering 365nm UV flashlight for fly tying.

GULFF UV Resin products can be used for realistic flies, strike points, predator streamers, worms, dark details, fly body building and clear finishing,. Anything. You create.


  • 100% tack free
  • Shining, glittering, glowing, imitating or changing color - you create and decide!
  • High viscosity for building bodies etc. 
  • Manufactured by using G2 high quality resin materials.
  • Mix resin by shaking bottle before use


  • BAITFISH SKIN is Fl. Silver Builder is a silver dyed and glittered streamer body builder which imitates small fish skin. Baitfish skin is almost ingenious. It changes colors depending on the weather or time of day. For example shiny and glittering under sunlight and moonlight. But dark silver in the night time. Use for streamer bodies or other fish imitations.
  • NIGHT SKIN is a phosphorus streamer body builder which glows in the dark. It attracts predator fish makes you flies visible in the night time. The glowing colour is light blue and without glowing effect the color is greyish. For night fishing only.

How to use: make thin layers and cure 6s. Wait for 5s. until you touch the fly. Point any bright light to resin surface at least 20 seconds to get a nice in the dark glowing effect.

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