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Guideline 4cast - Float/S5

75,00 €
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In stock

Guideline 4CAST combines the best of unique Power Taper and High Water designs, to create a versatile flyline, suitable for a wide variety of fishing applications. When casting this line, you will notice the concentrated, yet very balanced weight distribution throughout the belly. The profile will assist in easy load of the rod, superb line control and a slightly delayed and very accurate turnover through the smooth tip. This, combined with a strong handling line tapered into a low friction, low diameter runningline will set you up for long casts and pin point presentations alike. A very good choice for the allround flyfisher who wants a line that performs equally well with overhead- and spey casts at a reasonable price.

Guideline introduced these sink tip models in the 4CAST range after the success of floating line. Combining the easy-loading profile of the 4CAST with the popular POWER TAPER F/S shooting head concept adds a new dimension to fishing. The longer, 15’ sinking tips make these lines more efficient and at the same time less prone to spooking fish because they put the floating portion of the line further away. A carefully developed front taper eliminates hinging and makes casting a joy. Stillwater anglers will find these new 4CAST lines very effective. River fishermen will also benefit as the taper makes the lines easy to spey cast.

  • Color: Black/ Faded Green
  • Head lenght: 10,6-11,7 m/11,6-12,8 yds.
  • Total lenght: 27,5m / 30 yds.

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