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H.S.C. Banksian Cockatoo Tail Feather Pair - Female

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In stock

Red Tailed Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii) is a large cockatoo species living mostly in Australia. It is a rather common bird there and thrives in the dry Eucaluptus forest. It is a seedeater and nests in cavities in trees. The species can often be seen in large flocks. There are five sub species of Black Tailed Cockatoo. The Black Tailed Cockatoo is strictly protected in Austaralia although it’s concervation status is Least Concerned. Red Tailed Cockatoo is a CITES II appendix species. We will not sell nore send these items outside the EU!

Red Tailed Cockatoo are sexually dimophic. It means that the sexes look different form each other. Male birds can grow to 60cm in total length and are mostly black in colouration. They however have visible large red bands/blotches in their tail feathers. Females are more brownish black and have little yellow spots in their feathers. Female tail feathers are very beatiful yellow and orange with black barrings

In fly tying terminolofy Red Tailed Cockatoo is better known as Banksian Cockatoo. Especially female Banksian tail feathers were used in classic salmon flies. The feathers have a lovely texture similar to Bustard feathers. The fibres marry well and the are also flexible. They also offer good fibre length not to mention the beautiful coloration. Of the old masters particularly G.M.Kelson fancied this material and it can be seen in many of his patterns as horns or part of wing.

_Banksian is an extremely hard to get fly tying material! _

  • Pair A4 feathers are not an exact match. However they are excellent condition, have a fantastic colouration and offer great fibre length! Feather lengths are 24 ja 26cm. Max fiber lengths are; Left 71mm and Right 66mm