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H.S.C. Speckled Bustard (Ardeotis kori) Tail Feather Pairs

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H.S.C Speckled Bustard (Ardeotis Kori) Tail Feather Pairs

H.S.C Speckled Bustard (Ardeotis Kori) Tail Feather Pairs

  • H.S.C Speckled Bustard (Ardeotis Kori) Tail Feather Pairs
  • Pair A2 - Yellow
  • Pair A3 - Green
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Strictly speaking Speckled Bustard is a definition to a certain type of Bustard feathers but most often the actual species is Kori Bustard (Ardeotis kori). It is one of the most used material in classic salmon fly tying. During the Victorian age it was widely used by “the old masters” because of it’s beautiful pattern, very good marrying abilities, and the right fibre flexibility, thickness and length – in other words Speckled Bustard is just about perfect winging material for a classic salmon fly. These beautiful feathers are getting hard to find these days. We stock them in matched pairs and as single symmetrical feathers. All the feathers have been carefully cleaned, conditioned and steamed to their natural shape.

All of the feathers, pairs and matching piece sections are all individually photographed and tagged so that you can choose the ones you want almost as if you were here in our shop. The all-important fibre length is also clearly marked in the photograph and other siqnificant information concerning the current sections as well. The markings e.g. A1, B3 and so on does not refer to the quality of the pieces but is an individual identification tag of the sections to ensure that you get the exact item you choose!

Besides the regular speckled Kori Bustard feathers we have also these tail feathers. The tails can be used to tye e.g. very beautiful Dee strip wings as well as in your married wings. A certain part of the tail feathers can also be used instead of white tipped turkey tail for the Jock Scott, Toppy, Red Drummond, Greenwell, Fairy Queen, Dusty Miller, Black & Gold and other classic flies. The white part of the tail feathers is mostly creamy white in colour but some rare tail feathers have a true natural black and white pattern.

From time to time we also stock dued Kori Bustard tail feathers. Might seem mad but the dyed feathers are strikingly beatifull and will tye some secktacular flies.