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Airflo Sixth Sense - Slow Intermediate

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Airflo Sixth Sense - Slow Intermediate

Airflo Sixth Sense - Slow Intermediate

  • Airflo Sixth Sense - Slow Intermediate
  • Airflo Delta Taper - Profiili
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Temporarily out of stock. Estimated delivery time 14 days.

Recreate the feel of a ‘braided super line’. Having been the first company to develop completely non stretch lines over two decades ago, its fair to say that while the concept of non stretch has always been the ultimate goal, early product did have its teething problems. We never gave up working on this concept, because together with Polyurethane coatings, the benefits of non-stretch cores are huge. Imagine a line that loses less casting energy, a line that easily sets hooks at long range, a line you can lift off and mend at increased range – imagine no more. Working with a new core and production process has created a line with around 6% stretch as opposed to the standard 20% + found in regular lines. The minimal stretch in Sixth Sense gives incredible sensitivity and improves hook penetration even at extreme range. All Sixth Sense lines have a unique Delta taper and come in a full range of densities.

As true masters of sinking line technology, remember we’re the guys who created density compensation, low stretch cores, and a standardized sink rate system. So it’s no surprise that we’ve taken this cutting edge range of lines a step further.

Knowing how much line you have left in the water is one of the keys to successful sunk line fishing. With our new “Hang Marker“ system, you have color coded marks 10’ and 20’ on your line that clearly tell you how much is still down there. Sunk line fishing just got a whole lot easier.

Every great flyfisher develops a sixth sense with extensive time on the water – why wait, give yourself that advantage today with Airflo Sixth Sense flylines.

  • Power Core technology
  • Extreme low stretch – only 6% compared to 20% on normal lines
  • Higher line speed = increased distance
  • Quicker, crisp lift off
  • Polyfuse XT coating
  • Delta Taper for presentation at distance

Slow Intermediate

  • Sink Rate 0,5” /sec
  • Line Color: Trans Olive