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Vision Hero Reel Spare Spools
Vision Bottoms Up

Vision Bottoms Up

4,40 € 5,90 €
Flat Eyes -  5mm

Flat Eyes - 5mm

1,90 €
Salmon pink

Whiting Bird Fur

17,90 €
Simms Guide Boa Boot - Vibram
H.S.C. Wiggle Tail Fastach
Larva Lace - Angel Hair
Guideline HA Porridge Pool - Tube Fly
Guideline HA Porridge Pool Fluo - Tube Fly

Helsinki Spey Clave

We recommend

Kursk -  Fl. Chartreuse Head

Kursk - Fl. Chartreuse Head

6,23 € 8,90 €
Vision Rivermaniac Rods
Regal Tool Bar

Regal Tool Bar

74,90 €
Vision Predator Reel

Vision Predator Reel

459,00 €
Fish Monkey Bauers Wooly Glove
Simms Hard Bite Studs for Felt
ReviveX Synthetic Farbric Cleaner
C&F Design 2-in-1 Retractor
Simms Taco Bag

Simms Taco Bag

49,00 €
Guideline Experience Support Belt
Guideline Compact RTG Shooting Head

Guideline Compact RTG - I/S2/S3

54,90 € 74,90 €
Guideline Power Taper 3D+
Guideline Power Taper 3D+
Guideline 3D+ - Float
Guideline Power Taper 3D+

Top sellers

Guideline T-Tip Bulk
H.S.C. Pheasant Spey Hackle Patch
MA Tube Leech

MA Tube Leech

2,20 €
Fits Tubes
Sybai Baitfish (STF) Dubbing

Sybai Baitfish (STF) Dubbing

1,50 € 2,50 €
Fly-Dressing Predator Dubbing
Fl. Yellow
H.S.C. Colobus Ape

H.S.C. Colobus Ape

From 15,00
Guideline Treble Hook - X-Strong
Fits Tubes
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Helsinki Spey Clave –online store reserves the right to cancel the order of clear price errors. A clear price error of an online product means the price of the product differs significantly and clearly from the correct price. Obvious errors in price could be, among other things, following examples:
if the product has a price of 0,00 euros or no price at all
if a fly rod worth hundreds of euros is indicated for example 59 euros.

In the cases mentioned above the price is so clearly incorrect from the true price that the customer is supposed to understand the error.

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Helsinki Spey Clave –online shop is not liable for delays or damages caused by any conditions beyond its control which could not reasonably have been foreseen or which consequences couldn´t have been foreseen or avoided. A Force Majeure event includes, but is not limited to, inter alia: war, natural disasters, acts of state or governmental action, injury or illness of employee, import/export restrictions and transportation problems. If the Force Majeure continues for more than three months, both Helsinki Spey Clave -online store and the customer have the right to cancel orders without any compensations or penalties.

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