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  • CF-3308
  • C&F Design Waterproof Fly Case - Large size
  • C&F Design Waterproof Fly Case - Info
  • CF-3299CT without flies
  • CF-3299CT
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  • CF-3555 Burnt Orange
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C&F Design Fly Boxes

Varies by model

C&F Design fly boxes are the vanguards of fly box design. Waterproof sealings, Micro Slit Foams, light in weight but yet super durable, easy to use and handle are just some of the features that makes these fly boxes the most wanted ones. CF Design has invented most of these features that are now copied through out the business.

Large Size Fly Cases

  • Outside measurements 197 × 114 × 42mm
  • Designed for larger flies and more storage space
  • Stopper for not opening more than 180 degree
Product CodeModel Use Capacity of flies Weight
CF-3588Large 16-Row WP Fly Case  WaterProof Fly Case with 2 Micro Slit Foams, with 8 pockets on each side, for smaller flies from #12 to #18 376 pcs 193 grams
CF-3308Large 8-Row WP Fly Case w 12 Comp Combination of 12 compartments and an 8 rows Micro Slit Foam 197 pcs 227 grams
CFGS-3500CTLarge Single-Sided WP Fly Case for Bulky Flies (CFGS-3500CT) This case is designed for medium to large salt water streamers, or tarpon flies. 27 slits 180 grams
CF-3500Large WP Fly Case w Slit Foam  WaterProof Fly Case with 2 Micro Slit Foams for extra large flies such as bass bugs, salt water flies, and Atlantic salmon flies. 90 slits 190 grams
CFGS-3500Tarpon Large WP Saltwater Fly Case w Slit Foam  The case for medium to large salt water streamers, even tarpon flies. 54 slits 200 grams
CFGS-3544Permit Large WP Saltwater Fly Case w Slit Foam  Appropriate for carrying small and medium sized salt water flies, such as McCrab and Del's Merkin Crab. 100 slits 202 grams
CFGS-3555Bonefish Large WP Saltwater Fly Case w Slit Foam  Ideal choice for carrying small salt water flies such as Crazy Charlie and Gotcha. 125 slits 202 grams
CF-3299CTLarge Magnetic WP Fly Case  Best for larger flies such as Intruders and saltwater flies. Raised magnets help maintain the original shapes of flies 18 magnets 201 grams
CF-35878Large 16-row WP Fly Case w. flip page
Best for smaller hooks in size range #10 to #22. Huge capacity! 537 slits203 grams

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