Guideline Fario Classic

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Guideline Fario Classic

Guideline Fario Classic

  • Guideline Fario Classic
  • Guideline Fario Classic
  • Guideline Fario Classic

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With a lively, deep, precise modern flex, these new Classics will surprise you with their combination of casting performance, lifting properties, delicate presentations and great sensitivity when fighting fish on thin tippets.

A striking translucent deep green colored blank, matched with tone in tone wrappings and silver trim enhance the truly classic look of these rods. The GL designed reel seat with our own custom colored green/gray toned wooden insert and chrome finished fittings together with our Fario shaped half wells 4A grip, wrap up a design that is true eye-candy. But that’s where “classic” ends and “modern” takes over.

These rods are built on the latest high grade, multi-modulus materials and are fitted with lightweight, thin gauge hard chrome snake guides and ATC double leg stripper guides with hard and durable insert rings. Each rod is delivered in a cotton cloth rod bag and comes in a tasteful and nicely structured, dark green rod tube with heavy denier cover fabric. There are a total of 8 models in line weights #3-6 to choose from. All models are 4-piece.

The Fario Experience

  • A nice deep Medium Fast action, supported by a strong, precise tip
  • Enough power for longer casts, yet sensitive and subtle for “in-close” fishing.
  • Actions absorb those first hard to control moves and sudden explosions of big fish hooked at a short to medium distance.
  • Short to mid range fishing is supported by the deeper, immediate reaction of the whole rod during casting.
  • The deep load into the butt section makes for easy Spey and roll casts even in the lighter line weights and shorter lengths.

Model Length AFTM PCS Weight Action
Fario Classic 863 8´6” #3 4 71 grams Med.Fast
Fario Classic 804 8´0” #4 4 73 grams Med.Fast
Fario Classic 865 8´6” #5 4 75 grams Med.Fast
Fario Classic 904 9´0” #4 4 82 grams Med.Fast
Fario Classic 905 9´0” #5 4 84 grams Med.Fast
Fario Classic 906 9´0” #6 4 90 grams Med.Fast
Fario Classic 1003 10´0” #3 4 81 grams Med.Fast
Fario Classic 1004 10´0” #4 4 82 grams Med.Fast


  • 863 | 8’6” | #3 | 4-piece A true and allround 3wt rod with an action tuned to fish the most demanding waters with thin tippets and small flies. Compared to the previous model this has a lighter tip feel and slightly stiffer butt section which gives you more sensitivity and the same good casting properties for both over- and underhand casting. Our favourite use is smaller rivers and lakes with spooky fish, we highly reccomend Presentation and Fario lines on this rod.
  • 1003 | 10’0” | #3 | 4-piece Like the 10ft 4wt this rod is made for fishing nymphs and dry flies in rivers. The sensitive tip protects the fine tippets often used in this kind of fishing and the action is nice and deep when casting. This model is even more specialized towards Czech style nymph fishing than the 4wt and has a deeper action.
  • 804 | 8’0” | #4 | 4-piece Another sweet rod for the more delicate fishing found in smaller rivers. Fits the bill nearly every place where room to cast is limited. You will be pleasantly surprised by the deep and strong action that generates good stability and tracking for the most accurate of casts. A great fit with a Presentation or High Water #4 line.
  • 904 | 9’0” | #4 | 4-piece A rod that will be equally at home in lakes, as well as medium size creeks and rivers. A very good first choice for many trout and grayling fishing applications. Compared to it's predecessor this rod has a bit stronger mid- and butt section that makes presentations on mid to longer distance easier. Yet, still very delicate and predictable.
  • 1004 | 10’0” | #4 | 4-piece Custom made to suit Czech nymph-fishing techniques. The choice of competition anglers in middle Europe. Superior control and the perfect action for short line nymphing with long thin leaders. Perfect for fishing tungsten weighted flies.
  • 865 | 8’6” | #5 | 4-piece Easy to use, very accurate and efficient in a wide variety of waters, still as well as running. Makes many other 5-weights feel like a 7 weight! If you use it as a close range rod for fishing in places where water born casts are a necessity we would use a Fario or Presentation line in #5. If you want a longer belly line like High Water and Experience we would select a #4 wt line.
  • 905 | 9’0” | #5 | 4-piece The  9 foot 5 wt. is probably the number #1 trout rod size and this one lives up to the expectations as being a superb all rounder. The Fario Classic version of this rod has a bit stronger butt section and a little softer tip than the previous model. Overall it’s more capable of longer cast and still features a nice smooth progressive action.
  • 906 | 9’0” | #6 | 4-piece An excellent choice for trophy trout fishing in both lakes and rivers with nymphs, streamers and dries. Many uses the 6wt for mountain fishing and other windy areas, this rod will not let you down there either. This rod is completely new vs. the first model. If we compare it has a smoother curve and it is easier to load on both short- and longer distance

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