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  • Vimu
  • Black Doctor
  • Banana Fly
  • Ally's Shrimp
  • Usual Light
  • Usual Dark
  • Frances Variation
  • AKE
  • Pikku Musta
  • Lady Caroline
  • Sunray Shadow Variation
  • Weedlander
  • Willie Gunn
  • J.G. Shrimp
  • The Missile
  • Amse
  • The Podolsky Fly
  • Cascade
  • Pompero
  • Rubberleg Frances
  • Black Muddler Hitch
  • Kursk

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Top Salmon Flies by Vision

Varies by model

All great fish catching flies from the super popular TOP SALMON FLIES book. Fill your boxes with these fish magnets or buy just to a have nice example on your tying desk. 

NOTE! Fly pictures are at the moment from the book, production models might have a slight variation! 

Fly Model Description
Vimu - TubeMiki Äikäs uses ViMu (and the two variations of it) for 95% of the time. The simple black winged patter has caught a huge number of large salmon from the Northern rivers. Green bodied version works well in clear water.  Jungle cock substitutes with this fly.
Black Doctor - Double
Ally's Shrimp - TrebleIf you don’t know what fly you, you'll never go wrong with Ally's Shrimp. It's a great all-around fly which works from early season to late August resident fish. Developed by Scottish Ally Gowans, the fly works everywhere.  Fishing with it is simple, just cast it down or across the current and let it swing.
Banana Fly - TubeThe Banana Fly is created by Micke Andersson and is one of the patterns I prefer on sunny days. It can be described as a lighthouse in the water.  Nevertheless it’s a great fly that Peter Ohlsson has used more and more over the past years especially in early season and mid summer.  Banana Fly works well for both Atlantic and Baltic salmon. Jungle cock substitutes with this pattern.
Usual Light - TubeDen Vanliga (The Usual) is a modern all-round fly that has the perfect color combination for peaty water conditions. Peter Ohlsson uses the pattern in the daytime trough the whole season and it has been Peter's most productive fly for Baltic salmon. Jungle cock substitutes with this fly.
Usual Dark - TubeThe Dark Den Vanliga has proven colours for darker conditions, for night fishing, and is also a great sea trout pattern. The Usual Dark is also a great fly for the back end season. I use the same simple recipe when tying this fly but one thing to remember with this fly is that, for some strange reason, it has been more effective without jungle cock feathers. 
Pikku Musta - TubePikku-Musta originated as a variation of Mikael Frödin’s micro tube flies.He just simply and generally calls it the small black fly which in Finnish is Pikku-Musta. From early years on, both Red Butt and Green Butt had been Antti’s favourite flies and he wanted to simplify the patterns even more and tie them on a tube. As we all know, black flies work always and through the whole season. Pikku-Musta has produced a large amount of fish and is one Antti’s most productive patterns. This pattern has worked everywhere from the tributaries of the Tana to the Kola Peninsula. The fly seems to attract fish of all sizes.

Antti first used the pattern as a »smart bomb» after locating an active fish first with a large Sunray Shadow- type of fly fished fast. When the fish did not want to commit to the larger tube fly, Pikku-Musta fished slowly got the job done almost always. Later on Antti started swinging Pikku-Musta as the first fly for running fish, and it has worked well. The added weight coming from the small conehead makes the leader straighten well, so the fly will start to fish immediately after hitting the water.
Frances Variation - TubeAntti Guttorm started to do some light improvements on the famous Icelandic pattern Red Frances. Thinner hackle stalks give more life to the fly and the thick hackle stalks made the fish just bite the tail part of the fly many times, never hitting the hook. Many anglers actually cut them shorter after getting takes, but not hooking fish. Anti also added some Krystal Flash. 

Olive Frances is one of those flies you can fish however you like. You can catch salmon casting it upstream and free drifting it downstream, swinging it across the current or fishing it slowly downstream.
AKE - DoubleAke is a variation of the Finnish Sarvijaakko fly. As a die-hard Sarvijaakko user Antti saw the potential of this fly immediately. He tied a couple and it was an instant hit for Antti in the Tana. Since then this fly has been in Antti’s box where ever he fishes for salmon. It’s proved its effectiveness especially on the clear rivers of Finnmark.

Like most salmon flies Ake can be fished in a variety of ways. On the swing, stripped fast and slow, down- or upstream and even dead drifted like a nymph. But most of the time Antti uses the traditional swing technique, casting it in 45 degree angle. Whether to mend up- or downstream depends on the conditions and the mood of the fish and fisherman. Stripping these double hook flies has become more and more popular over the years and works very well from time to time. Especially when the water has warmed a bit and towards the end of the season.
Lady Caroline - TubeLady Caroline is a special fly for Anders Neteland and it’s been a productive fly on cloudy days. I caught my biggest salmon on this fly. Anders keeps a fishing diary where he marks down each fish that he catches.He's got over a 100 salmon with this pattern.
Sunray Shadow Variation - TubeSunray is a well- known fly and Anders Netaland has caught over a 1000 salmon with it. I use sinking lines as well when fishing with the Sunray in deep pools. The large silhouette is visible in all conditions.  Sunray is also one hell of a sea trout fly, no matter if you strip it fast or just let it hang downstream.
Weedlander - TubeAnders Neteland had been struggling with green flies so came up with his own patter Weedlander.    The fly is named after a friend of Anders' who always looks like he’s been smoking some of that green stuff after a long day of fishing. 
It was Anders's go-to fly on sunny days but now he's using it on overcast days as well. Anders has been using it quite a lot on the Bolstad, where the water is really clear and he got a fish around 17-18 kilos with the Weedlander from Bolstad.  Jungle cock substitutes with this fly.
Willie Gunn - TubeTommi Liimatainen's starting fly is either Willie Gunn or Den Vanliga in almost everywhere where he fishes for salmon. It’s just a great fly with colours that work well in all water colours. Jungle cock substitutes with this fly.
J.G. Shrimp - DoubleJ.G. Shrimp is the creation of Swedish salmon fishing legend Jan Grunwald. Tommi Liimatainen fishes the J.G. Shrimp from mid-summer to the backend of the season. It works especially well on the river Orkla but has been catching fish on other rivers as well.  Jungle cock substitutes with this fly.
The Missile - TubeThe Missile is a fly that Tommi Liimatainen got his most memorable fish with. A huge 18,06kg »Majlaks» from the river Mörrum took his fly and surrendered after a brutally heavy fight. The fish was the Mörrum’s biggest salmon that season.  He says that his neck still hurts after carrying huge trophy home, which he received landing this fish.

Great fly pattern for both Baltic and Atlantic Salmon in slightly colored water. 
Amse - TubeThe Amse fly has proved its worth in almost all conditions. Steffen Juhl has caught more than 500 salmon with it from the Ponoi, Umba and Varzuga. 

"My trusty Amse fly came to light many years ago, when I was going to participate in a couple of film projects at the Ponoi and Umba.  I wanted to have a simple, lively and strong fly, based on the rock solids fact, that salmon find colours like Black, Yellow, Orange and Brown irresistible.
The Podolsky Fly - DoubleIn August 2013, in the same year Nick was killed, Steffen Juhl came up with my »Podolsky Fly» as an honour to a long friendship and a great person – My humble hope was that Nick would like the fly himself?»

For six weeks, Steffen was only fishing with The Podolsky fly and the fly proved its worth, with 45 salmon in total. The biggest salmon caught with The Podolsky fly that fall season were 3 x 15Lb. 2 x 17Lb. 1 x 18Lb. 3 x 20Lb. 1 x 22 Lb and 1 x 25Lb.
Cascade - DoubleThe universal Cascade salmon fly pattern has caught thousands of fish in recent years and has become one of the most successful flies for Atlantic salmon. It's a must have fly fishing anywhere in the world.  The Cascade can produce fish in almost any conditions and at any time of year. In the summer, tiny flies tied on size 12 hooks or even smaller doubles will take fish in the lowest water.
Kursk - MA Tube The Kursk is a special pattern developed by Antti Pirinen for situations where you need to go deep. Works best fished with a dead drift presentation, but the jig head gives it a unique swim when stripped.

Kursk flies come with the actual MA Tube head which are extremely difficult to get. 
Rubberleg Frances - TubeRubberleg Frances is great fly for salmon that have seen lot of flies. The rubberlegs seem to really get them excited even after seeing dozens of flies. Fish it with dead-drift.
Pompero Dry Fly - SingleGreat all-round dry fly for Atlantic salmon. Works well both dead drifted and skated. Available in two hook sizes.  
Black Muddler Hitch - TubeBlack Muddler Sunray hitch is a great hitch fly that has produced big salmon. Haugur hitch is Antti Pirinen's go-to hitch fly but this large hitch has certainly proved its value with the size and number of fish Antti has caught with the fly.

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