Nam Products - Single Hand Rods

Nam Products - Single Hand Rods

Nam Products - Single Hand Rods

  • Nam Products - Single Hand Rods
  • Nam Products - Single Hand Rods
  • Nam Products - Single Hand Rods - Light Butt + Handle
  • Nam Products - Single Hand Rods - Heavy Butt + Handle

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Nam Products Fly Rods

Varies by model

In the beginning of this Nam Products, the team started by asking our self what each of us wanted from a rod. Being a large group involved one would imagine that we would disagree a lot about how a rod should be and what a good rod really is. To their surprise the guy crawling around in the bushes aiming for trout in the smallest of creeks, explained the same general feeling of a perfect rod as the guy that loves to do the absolute longest possible cast in the largest of rivers with the biggest possible rod. To have a rod that loads down to the handle but still with as fast recovery as possible - Simple as that!

Nam Products don't have a fly rod factory, so they obviously needed to reach out to one. For the larger double hand rods their favorite rods in the past has been built in Korea. With this in mind it was very natural to contact one of these factories. Throughout the years there have been so many successful cooperation with the Korean engineers and the Scandinavian rod designers. The match between Scandinavia and South Korea is simply perfect.

The goal was just to make the best possible performing rod no matter the cost of the material - They got what they asked! Price is related to the quality! Best possible graphite and the best possible resin with added graphene gives a perfect mixture for modern high performing fly rod. Presumably Nam team has been one of the pickiest and most annoying R&D team the rod factory ever has had regarding action for every single rod. Getting the best material was the start, to find the perfect rod action with this material was the journey for us. To learn along the way, to improve and find the keys for every rod to perform better than before has been very exciting journey. Nam team and us at the shop think we have something special and we hope you do too!

A few words about the material graphene which is something new. Nam didn't definitely invent it, but they were very curious about it. So, they learned there are three cities in the world that have some extra knowledge about it. It's were it was invented Manchester / UK and then it is where Nam rods are made Seoul / Korea and then the third city is Gothenburg / Sweden where Nam is based and is home for a few in Nam. So, to learn more Nam products contacted Gothenburg Chalmers university and was invited. Professors of Chalmers Uni where not convinced of graphene to be able to add anything for a fly rod. Real graphene has thickness of only one atom and it'll lose some of it's benefits with too many layers. To create a perfect rod, mixture of graphene and graphite needed to be figured out because graphene is just something you add in, it's not the main material.

  • Blank Material:  T1100 / 40-46 ton graphite with Graphene
  • Blank Surface:  Scratch-resistant silicone coating satin grey finish
  • Stripper Guides:  Titanium
  • Guides: Black nickel snake and single depending on model
  • Cork:  5A Floor Cork butt with light rubber cork
  • Reelseat:  Custom Satin black
  • Rod Tube:  Custom Aluminium Tube (except 10'1'' #8 which has custom cordura tube)

    ModelRod weightPcsRecommended head weight
    8'6'' #4 gr48+ grams
    9'1'' #5gr410+ grams
    9'1'' #6gr414+ grams
    10'1'' #7gr417+ grams
    10'1'' #8gr419+ grams
    9'0'' #6gr414+ grams
    9'0'' #8117 gr419+ grams

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