Guideline 4D Compact Body - Float

Guideline 4D Compact Body - Float

  • Guideline 4D Compact Body - Float
  • Guideline 4D Compact Body - Float
  • Guideline 4D Compact Body - Float
  • Guideline 4D Compact Body - Float

Guideline 4D Compact Body - Float

Varies by model

Guideline Shooting Head

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The 4D Compact concept offers a complete selection of Bodies and Tips, covering fishing with single hand, switch and double hand rods except the heaviest line weights. 4D Compact Bodies are available in Floating and Float/Sink 3 versions. They have a powerful taper and are super easy to cast both with Scandi- and Skagit style casts. The length of the bodies is between 5,0 and 5,4 meters, varying slightly with model, this makes them perfect for use with rods 14’ and shorter. When matched with the recommended Tip and a leader/tippet that has the correct length, they will handle both small and large flies very well, cast far and are very accurate.

For optimum performance, use them as advised with our 4D Compact Double Density Tips, available in 10’/7 grams and 12’/7 and 9 grams weight. 4D Compact Bodies come in 8 different weights, are built on strong 30 lbs Direct Contact™ cores, have the industry’s strongest factory-made loops in both ends and are color coded for line size. In addition, there is a line-ID printing in the back end of the line. Simply match with the corresponding color code on your 4D Compact Tip and you have the correct set up.

Model Class Weight Lenght
4D Compact Body Float SH #7/8 12 g/ 185 gr 5,0 m/16´ 4"
4D Compact Body Float SH #7/8/9 14 g/ 216 gr 5,0 m/16´ 4"
4D Compact Body Float SH #8/9/10 16 g/ 247 gr 5,0 m/16´ 4"
4D Compact Body Float SH #9/10 + DH #6/7 18 g/ 278 gr 5,2 m/17´ 1"
4D Compact Body Float DH #6/7/8 20 g/ 310 gr 5,2 m/17´ 1"
4D Compact Body Float DH #7/8 22 g/ 340 gr 5,4 m/17´ 7"
4D Compact Body Float DH #8/9 25 g/ 385 gr 5,4 m/17´ 7"
4D Compact Body Float DH #9/10 29 g/ 447 gr 5,4 m/17´ 7"

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